Awesome Tools and Websites
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Awesome Tools and Websites

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This Articles holds Links to Tools and Websites that have proven to be very useful, atleast for me, and I want to share them here. I have Split them up in the following Categories.

  • Tools and Websites
  • Learning and Developing Websites
  • Visual Studio Code Extensions
  • Inspirational Sources
  • Other

Tools and Websites

StackEditI myself write the Articles for my Blog in the Markdown Format and StackEdit helps me with that.
JsbinJsbin is relly similiar to Code Pen but I like it a bit more. It just feels like less which could be more.
TrelloIf you want to plan your tasks with your team you can do this with Trello.
Google TasksOr if you just want to save some personal Tasks Google Tasks will do just fine.
DeeplTranslating made easy with this awesome website that is mostly free and way better than google translate.
WordPressWith WordPress you can easily make your own website without learning to code.
Regex101Testing and Learning Regex is easy with regex101. You can see what your expression will match and you can export it as code in a language of your choice.
ConvertioThis Website Magically converts files.
GrammarlyGrammarly helps me write Articles where the grammar is better, even though I am not an Native English Speaker.
Microsoft TerminalMicrosoft Terminal is the new Commmand Line Application that has some awesome features most notably tabs. this Website to download PNG Heightmaps of real world map snippets.

Learning and Developing Websites

W3 SchoolsEveryone knows this, the W3 Schools Tutorials are good for Beginners since their easy and accesible.
MDN DocsWhen you are a more Advanced Web Developer you may want to look into the Awesome MDN Docs that are a little more complicated but much more extensive.
JavaScript.infoWhen I learned JavaScript this website was the best resources. It not only uses clever examples it also shows you what you would not normally learn.
toolkit.addy.codesThis is a website consisting of many links to web developement resources. It can also serve as an inspirational source.
WebapicheckWith this website you can check which JavaScript Web Apis work on your browser, It is also intresting to see the possibilities.
SVG PathThis website helps you in creating Scalable Vector Graphics by showing you a live preview.

Visual Studio Code Extensions

PHP ServerWith PHP Server you can run .php from your editor.
Live ServerWith this Extension you can run html files that will automatically reload once changes are made. This can make developing way faster.
Quokka.jsQuokka js shows JavaScript outputs right in the Editor, this is really good to quickly see what a certain function does.
JavaScript BoosterInline Fold will make the content of class attributes foldable so long class names aren’t always visible.
TabnineTabnine is like Github Copilot.
Inline FoldWhen you want to have HTML syntax highlighting in JavaScript strings this extensions does just that if you preface string like that with /* html */
es6-string-htmlWhen you want to have HTML syntax highlighting in JavaScript strings this extension does just that if you preface string like that with /* html */
Intellisense for CSS Class NamesThis Extensions will look for the Stylesheets in you html file and it will try to give you code completions with classes it finds.
Godot-ToolsIt does what is says on the Box, this cool extension enables Godot Game Developement through VSCode.

Inspirational Sources

IONIC UI ComponentsWeb API’s
UI VerseLibhunt
Design Languages


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