Obscure but Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

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In this article I simple want to document some keyboard shortcuts that may be a little bit obscure but all the more usefule, of course I could be that you already know these, but I hope thats not the case and that I taught you something new.

File Explorer

ShortcutAction (+Descripton)
alt + upGo into parent Folder
ctrl + spaceunfocus current element, can be used to open the context menu and then create a new file.
ctrl + shiftNew Folder
File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts

Visual Studio Code

ShortcutAction (+Descripton)
Alt + Shift + iAdd cursor to line ends of Selection.
ctrl + spaceopen suggestions bubble.
ctrl + shift + spaceopen function parameter bubble.
alt + shift + fformat current document.
ctrl + dAdd cursor to next occurence of current selection.
ctrl + shift + lAdd cursor to all occurences of current selection.
ctrl + bToggle Side-Bar
ctrl + shift + eFocus Integrated File Explorer
shift + alt + rOpen File Explorer for currently selected File.
Visual Studio Code Keyboard Shortcuts


ShortcutAction (+Descripton)
Win + EOpen the File Explorer
Win + .Open the Emoji Picker
Win + Shift + SOpen the Headless Snipping Tool
Win + Control + DCreate new virtual Desktop
Win + Control + Arrows[Left|Right]Switch Virtual Desktop
Shift + F10Open the context menu
alt + tabSwitch active window
Win + ArrowsMove the active Window
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Browser (MS Edge)

ShortcutAction (+Descripton)
Ctrl + jOpen Downloads
F7Toggle Cursor Mode
ctrl + shift + kDuplicate Current Tab
ctrl + lSet Focus to search Bar
ctrl + uView source code
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Godot Game Engine

ShortcutAction (+Descripton)
ctrl + shift + .Next Script
ctrl + shift + ,Previous Script
ctrl + F1Open 2D Editor
ctrl + F3Open Code Editor
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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