My Mission

I feel that there are some things wrong with programming articles and with my blog, I like to solve these problem … this is my mission.

  • Copying the Code: let us face it; some of us want to copy the code and learn from just looking at it; that’s why I wanted to make it easy to copy code from my site.
  • Beautiful Code: On other blogs, the code snippets have no color scheme, and it is tough to understand them that way; that is why I color the code block for each programming language.
  • Grammar: I know it is not the most important, but grammar is also part of what annoys me in other blogs. That is why I got myself Grammarly Premium.
  • Demos: I try to upload a working demo of each project if possible so you can try it out and see what kind of stuff you can do. Of course, this is only possible for Web Applications.
  • GitHub Repository: I also try to upload the code of each tutorial to GitHub so you can easily copy the whole project from there and try it out yourself.

Further, it is part of my mission document what I learn, which is why I try to use obscure but fun ways to solve my problems. But keep in mind I am also just a beginner, and It could be that my answer is wrong or broken sometimes, so always ask if this is the right way and try to program yourself.

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